J+S teachings

J+S teachings

Tchoukball has been accepted into the J+S program 10 years ago. Our sport take advantage of the J+S offers for players from 5 to 20 years old, with subsidies and high-standard specialized teaching.

Tchoukball J+S trainers

Thanks to the J+S teaching, the J+S tchoukball trainers have access to a complete eductational program of children sport or youth sport tchoukball trainer. Knowledge focused on the development of children and teenagers in the context of sport, the planning of training-sessions throughout the season, the teaching methodology are examples of what is taught. More informations on the J+S trainers.

Each trainer must then regularly follow development modules. There is choice between tchoukball specific modules and interdisciplinary development modules organized by other sports under J+S as : coaching, typology, physical condition and psyche (about mental). A third possibility is to follow "preventive action" modules where the following theme are discussed: addiction, violence, no sexual abuse, communication.

Dates of the next J+S base training courses, continuing training and expert specialization.

Please note: PE teachers who wish to get a complete tchoukball teaching can follow a base trainer course. An suitable program can be proposed to them.

Tchoukball J+S Experts, Tchoukball J+S Relief Trainers

The Tchoukball J+S trainers have the opportunity to improve their knowledge by following one of these course of study: Tchoukball J+S Relief Trainers ou Tchoukball J+S Experts.

J+S Coaches

The J+S coach is an advisor and a manager. He declares among others club activities to the J+S institution. Don't forget to contact him/her in case of questions! More information about the role of J+S coach or teaching possibility.

Children sport

In 2012, J+S integrated children sport, previously J+S Kids, in its legislation. It has as objective to highlight sport apprenticeship for kids from 5 to 10 years old by allowing them to develop all the bases of the movement throughout varied and adapted offers. To do so, a teaching for J+S Children Sport trainers has been established. More information on J+S Children Sport

J+S Head of branch Tchoukball

Muriel Sommer Vorpe
Muriel Sommer Vorpe

032 968 14 60

Swiss Tchoukball J+S-Coach

Alonso Ormeño
Alonso Ormeño

078 696 79 33
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