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Tchoukball, a real team sport!
As a mixture between volleyball, handball and squash, tchoukball asks for an important cohesion within the team. All players on the field are completing each other's roles. It is impossible to win a match if only a few players' technical skills are relied upon.


5 minutes for explanations, and the game can begin!
Tchoukball is a fun game for the beginners, and from the first minutes on. The basic movements are easy and natural. An average physical condition is sufficient and the basic rules are easy to understand. The absence of contact makes it possible for girls and boys to play together. No special material is necessary to start the game. This sport is ideal for anyone wishing to take up a physical activity within a team.

However, tchoukball becomes particularly intense, demanding, and complete when played in competitions. The technical gestures become more and more spectacular and complex.


An exciting sport, particularly dynamic and fun to play, as it is very complete and helps to get one's energy away. Its technical skills can be very demanding, the rythm of the game can be quite impressive and it requires an intelligence so as to construct a good and efficient game.


A special philosophy.

Giving special support to fair-play, and banning any kind of aggressive gestures, tchoukball becomes a game that teams play "with each other" and not "against each other". To win means "to play better than the others" and not "to destroy the other's game".

The rules have been adapted to eliminate useless aggressiveness. No gesture that hinders or blocks the other's game is accepted.

The basic rules

- 1 field of ~15 x 25m and a tchoukball
- 2 teams of 7 players
- 2 tchoukball frames (inclined trampolines) at each side of the field

Let's play!

- The team that has the ball passes it (max 3 times) and throws it against the trampoline to score the point.
At that point, the other team needs to try to catch the ball before it touches the ground. If the ball is caught, the game goes on. If the ball has fallen onto the ground, the point has been scored.

You can download the rules of tchoukball and beach tchoukball from the website of the International Tchoukball Federation