Swiss Tchoukball offers to children and young people various and well-supervised activities. It seeks to decelop tchoukball among the younger players, always in accordance with the rules for juniors and the Tchoukball Sport des enfants Concept. The main challenges for Swiss Tchoukball are:

  • to give to the young players the opportunity to train and play with other young players of the same age category
  • to adapt the rules and game format to the various development stage of children.
  • to train the next generation of players and to create in this way a solid basis for Swiss tchoukball
  • to concretise the idea "a sport for all"
  • to promote the tchoukball charter and the charter of the rights of children in sport

To do so, various activities are offered by Swiss Tchoukball, such as Junior selections or junior tournaments for various levels and categories.

Swiss Tchoukball works on the following issues:

  • it defines a general strategy to develop tchoukball for juniors in Switzerland
  • it defines training for coaches and instructors
  • it organises the trainings and matches of the Junior selections
  • it coordinates the activities for junior players (tournaments, interclub trainings, camps, matches)
  • it advises and helps the clubs wishing to open a new training for junior players
  • it advises clubs when organising their junior tournaments

The table here under shows the various categories based on the birth years of the junior members of Swiss Tchoukball.

Children from 5 to 13 years old are distributed in 4 different levels for training and competitions. The age defines the category in which a child evolves. However, there is some flexibility and it is possible at 7, 9, 11 and 13 years old to choose the level by taking into consideration the personal development of children (coordination skills, physical development and tchoukball-specific skills).

To know more and get help with these choices, you read the page 24 of the Tchoukball Sport des enfants Concept (in french). The concept defines the objectives, the pedagogy and the methodology of this age range (5-13 years old). The learning and difficulty levels are increasing at each change of category.

From 13 to 20 years old, the young players are distributed in theree different categories.

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Saison 2019 - 2020

Année de naissance Age in
Competitions Jeunesse+Sport Swiss Tchoukball
1998 et moins 21+ Adultes - Membres actifs
1999 20 Sport des jeunes
2000 19 Membres juniors
2001 18
2002 17 M18
2003 16
2004 15
2005 14 M15
2006 13
2007 12
2008 11
2009 10 Sport des enfants
2010 9
2011 8
2012 7
2013 6
2014 5