The roles of referees in Swiss Tchoukball

Without rules, no game!

The respect of the rules is fundamental for sport in general, and especially for tchoukball. But the referee's role is even more important: s/he gives the players and trainers an important feed-back concerning their performance. S/he therefore allows everyone to make progress. For this reason, the referees play an essential part in the game, even if the players behave with respect and fair-play!

Referees in Switzerland are recognized by the refereeing commission, which depends on the technical sector of Swiss Tchoukball. The main assignments of the commission are:

- to train referees and offer them an advanced training
- to promote refereeing within the clubs
- to promote a high-quality refereeing for the Swiss championship, the Swiss cup, for tournaments and other events offered by the federation,
- to offer Swiss Tchoukball members, the sport teachers, the Swiss sport associations a platform where one can ask questions concerning the rules and refereeing.