Kids sport

Swiss Tchoukball designed, in collaboration with Jugend+Sport, a new tool: the Concept tchoukball Sport des enfants (Kids sport). The goal of this concept is to teach tchoukball in a way that fulfils the specific needs of children by suggesting form of play and training that are adapted to their abilities, at different stage of their development. The concept is notably based on the current knowledge of children development, while considering they don't have the same motor, cognitive and social abilities than an adult.

The concept includes four different levels: green, blue, red and black. For each level matches a form of play that is more and more complex. Children are distributed in this four levels mainly based on their age, but also based on their skills level. This allows to have a setting adapted to the abilities of each child, in which they will be able to progress and develop optimally. The progress of children through these levels brings them, step by step, to the adults form of play, while evolving in an environment adapted to their abilities. These new simplified forms of play represent an opportunity to foster tchoukball learning for children. Indeed, a context that is adapted to children abilities allows them to get involved successfully and without fear, which is propitious to quality learning. Aside from the introduction to these different levels, the Concept tchoukball Sport des enfants is also a tool for instructors and coaches, enabling them to create training settings adapted to children needs.

In addition to the Concept tchoukball Sport des enfants, you'll find here various documents useful to set the concept and prepare trainings.

The concept is currently available in french only. If you would like to get involved in its translation in english or one of the swiss national language, feel free to contact us.