Junior selections

Swiss Tchoukball, and particularly the Junior commission, have been working for several years at reinforcing the activities allowing young players to grow within our discipline.

Interclub trainings have been organised for the juniors for several years; those training sessions enriched the variety of tchoukball activities. The Federation now adopts a more global perspective, so as to encourage the progression of the younger players. In this context, Swiss Tchoukball developed the 'selection training sessions' for juniors, a concept that promotes appropriate training conditions allowing a progressive development of those young sportsmen and -women.

More information regarding the selection trainings, namely the expectations and conditions for registration, can be downloaded in the document below.

Informations sur la Cellule espoirs M15

Person in charge Junior Selection Commission

Loïc Herinckx
Loïc Herinckx
Temple Allemand 29
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

079 832 39 44
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